Fastest-Growing Jobs: Is your Engineering Job on this List?

February 29th, 2016

This year, STEM careers are on the list of the leading growth industries, particularly those in the engineering sector. In recession hard hit states like Michigan and Minnesota, new companies are moving in to stimulate the economy with brand new jobs and opportunities for engineering candidates. If your company hopes to attract engineering talent, then it needs to be looking towards the future with a brand new breed of fast-growing engineering jobs. Do your jobs make the list?

Here’s a rundown of what experts are saying are the fastest growing engineering jobs for 2016 and beyond.

Software Developers and Engineers

Companies cannot get enough software development engineers, according to a recent workforce study conducted by CareerBuilder. Because they tend to move around frequently in pursuit of higher paying jobs, information workers are likely to leave jobs in one to two years – leaving the door open for other candidates. A Dice survey indicated that over half of software engineers will leave their jobs for more money in 2016, even moving to other regions if the jobs are there. Software developers and engineers can expect to earn an average of $40-50 per hour.

Petroleum, Mining and Geological Engineers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these jobs are growing at the fastest rates. For petroleum engineers, the growth is an astounding 30 percent over last year’s figures, with mining and geological engineer jobs growing at 10 to 12 percent. With the emergence of new energy technologies and opening up of natural gas and oil sources, it’s not surprising these jobs make the top of the list.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineers

Based on government data, the next high-growth jobs are in mechanical and industrial sector. The number of jobs is expected to jump by as much as 10 percent this year, adding around 21,500 new jobs since 2010. In Michigan and Minnesota, this is good news for the formerly failing manufacturing industries which are now being redeveloped by new companies eager to hire great talent.

If you are interested in any of the engineering careers you see here or if you are a company looking to hire engineering talent, be sure to get in touch with Venteon Technical staffing today for support!


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Women Are Taking the STEM World by Storm: Why that’s good for your business!

February 19th, 2016

Just a couple of decades ago, it was relatively unheard of for women to be entering the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) industries without substantial backing from male colleagues. At the very least, women who took on these types of careers had to be “good enough” to even be considered for recognition.

According to a report published by the U.S. Department of Commerce, women make up around 48 percent of the American workforce, yet they hold only 24 percent of the available STEM jobs. Women who do make it into careers in this industry also statistically make less money than their male counterparts. Today, however, things are changing in the STEM markets due to demands for skilled professionals – therefore women are taking the STEM world by storm.

Why is this shift to more women in STEM careers good for your business?

Increasing diversity in the workforce can improve any business, and encouraging the hiring of more females into STEM jobs is a start. While women currently make up a disproportionate number of jobs in STEM careers, they are starting to accept positions of leadership in these roles. Case in point – when the recent Forbes list of Top 10 Powerful Women was published this year, all but one of these featured female leaders were in STEM industries.

In just a generation, there will be many more females entering STEM programs at the college level, so the time is now to start creating career opportunities for them. Under guidance from President Obama, the White House Council on Women and Girls has been collaborating with Office of Science and Technology Policy to increase the participation of women and girls in STEM learning paths. If companies hope to remain competitive, they must do what it takes to attract this talent in the next 10 years.

Women are adding much to STEM careers now and in the future. They are natural leaders, they are good at what they do, and they are eager to prove their worth. If you are seeking talented females to add to your STEM business, get in contact with Venteon Technical Staffing today, as we have some fantastic candidates to introduce you to!


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February 17th, 2016

Venteon Technical has the below Engineering Candidates available for immediate hire.

Maintenance Repair Technician
• Works on all phases of maintenance Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical, Mechanical
• Perform maintenance on 1400 ton presses also fab work including welding
• Read Programs and adjust points; PLC, Motoman, KUKA, ABB, Fanuc
• All phases of maintenance and machine repair

Industrial / Manufacturing Engineer
• B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Oakland University
• 4 + years of experience in automotive Tier 1 environments
• Plant Design, Layout and Development experience
• Continuous Improvement and Lean Experience
• Degreed, promotable candidate

Entry-Level Electrical Engineer
• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University – December 2015
• Electrical Engineering internships at Magna Electronics and DTE Energy
• Degreed, promotable candidate with great communication skills

Prepare Your Workforce for Generation Z Engineers

February 12th, 2016

The millennials have grown up, and now the latest wave of young engineers, also known as Generation Z, are coming to a workforce near you. This is the youngest generation of employees in the market, and there are a number of reasons why you should prepare to embrace them as they bring a lot of unique value to the workforce. They are the first generation to grow up entirely with the Internet and mobile devices at their fingertips. They are also driven to success, and act as natural leaders.

How can you prepare your current workforce for Generation Z engineers? Here are some guidelines for making them feel welcome and integrating them into your work teams from other generations.

1. Give Generation Z challenging projects to work on from day one.

The youngest generation of engineers are eager to prove their skills and abilities. As an employer, make sure you have some challenging projects ready for them to jump into. Or provide them with the opportunity to work alongside your leading engineers to learn from them and hopefully, teach them a thing or two.

2. Prep your current engineers on how to work with Generation Z engineers.

It’s important to educate your current workforce on how Generation Z sees the world. How they interact and work with the latest addition to your engineering team will matter in the days to come. Talk with your engineers about communication, technology, and personalities that they can expect to be encountering. Establish procedures for handling difficulties if they arise.

3. Set up new work teams to handle the incoming Generation Z engineers.

Design your engineering work teams so that you have a good mix of young and seasoned engineers working together on projects that they have experience on. You may need to shift a few people from other teams to a core training team to work directly with Generation Z engineers, at least for the first year on the job.

4. Make Generation Z engineers feel welcome right away.

Make your new engineers feel welcome by assigning them a place in your work teams, partnered with at least one other young engineer and a lead engineer who can mentor them. Give them an established work station, the technology and resources they need to succeed, and introduce them to the best minds in the business from the start. Let them know they are valued and your company will provide them with an outstanding first career experience.


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Need a Boost to Your Business? Hire New Engineering Grads!

February 5th, 2016

As many of our aging engineering professionals retire this year, shortages are expected across multiple industries. This means companies need to step up their efforts to hire this year’s crop of new engineering grads from top universities. If your business is looking for a boost from hiring engineers with fresh skills and new ideas, this is the time to take action.

How can your company go about attracting and recruiting the best-of-the-best new engineering grads this year? Here are some tips.

Schedule an open house

One way to get new college grads in the door to learn more about your company and career opportunities is to have an open house. Send invitations out to local engineering school and invite junior- and senior-level students to come check it out. Make this a joint effort with your marketing team to provide information on all the benefits and perks of working for your company.

Start an internship program

Internships can be a great way to bring college grads into your company before they graduate and secure them after they graduate. Many times, college students need just a few extra credits to finish their degrees and/or secure enough engineering hours to get certification. Make this a possibility by offering this opportunity in your workplace.

Offer learning and development benefits

Today’s engineering grad are seeking ways to continue to grow their career once they have secured employment. From onsite training to offsite certification programs, your company can provide a great place for new grads to start and build a career.

Set up a career network

College grads are looking for opportunities to quickly ramp up their skills in a career. Some of this may involve working with other companies in your industry. Or it may involve traveling to other countries to work on special projects. Make sure that your company fosters this ongoing relationship with college grads by offering an engineering career network and referral system.

Reward for internal referrals

Each year, as engineering college grads enter the job market, they are likely to have peers who have a couple more years in school. This is why one of the most effective ways for attracting and recruiting engineering candidates during the first year of their career is by offering an internal referral bonus system. Existing employees can and should be rewarded for referring their colleagues to your company.

Looking for top engineering talent? Partner with Venteon today, and let us match you with engineering grads who fits your exact needs!


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Scared to Share Your “Desired Salary?” Use These Tips to Get Paid What You Deserve!

January 28th, 2016

During the job search and subsequent interviews with companies, it’s inevitable that the subject of salary will come up in the conversation. While this is one of the high points of choosing a job, it’s also one of the more awkward things to talk about. Sometimes, job seekers are so afraid to bring it up that they just accept the starting salary offered without giving it a second thought. This is not a good thing, as every candidate should have the confidence and knowledge to negotiate the best possible salary at this stage.

If you are scared to talk about your desired salary, here are some tips to get paid what you are worth.

1. Before you apply for the job, check out the salary info

Be sure to read the job description carefully before you apply for work. The salary information may be listed near the bottom of the advertisement or in the job description online. If you cannot find it, do some digging around on company review sites like Glassdoor to find out what the going salary rate is for comparable jobs. Avoid companies that have lower-than-average starting salaries, because earning what you deserve is not going to happen.

2. Check salary surveys for your job type, the industry, and the region

There are some amazing salary survey companies that offer financial information for nearly every job type and region imaginable. Use this as a way of understanding what you are worth in the job market and what you can safely ask for. If you are comfortable, you can ask for a range of the middle earnings to the higher end earnings for the job you are applying for. Just be ready to talk about the strengths you have, and what the company can expect in terms of return on investing in you.

3. Focus on your accomplishments and achievements when taking money

Once you have completed the above two steps, you are ready to now start creating a rundown of your top qualities and achievements. These will be your talking points when you negotiate your starting salary and benefits package. If you have a good idea of your value to the employer, you have leverage to ask for more. Just stand firm and focus on a range you will be comfortable earning with the new responsibilities of the job.

Use the above tips to successfully ask for a salary and benefits that are worthy of your value.  If you need more help finding a job, or preparing for a new job search, contact the staffing experts at Venteon today!


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3 Interview Questions You Should NEVER Ask Financial Pros

January 22nd, 2016

Skilled financial professionals are becoming a highly valuable commodity in the market. So, when interviewing one for a position in your company, the ball is generally in their court. You will want to make the most of this time, asking great financially related interview questions that get down to the core value they bring. But you don’t want to ask financial pros the following questions, ever.

Where do you picture yourself in five years?

The market is still pretty volatile and asking a financial candidate this question is unreasonable at best. Many financial candidates have a good idea where they want to be in a few years, but putting them on the spot to answer this now is unfair. You can, however, share the career paths that are available in your company and then encourage candidates to talk on those points, so you can determine if the job fits with their goals.

Why did you leave your last job?

This interview question can seem innocent enough and recruiters are tempted to learn why a candidate had left a former employer, but it just puts financial candidates on the defense. Instead, take a look at the candidate’s overall work history and see if they have made progression in the types of tasks and responsibilities. Then use this as a talking point to stir the candidate’s interest in learning more about career development at your firm.

What kind of salary and benefits are you seeking?

Talking about money is a touchy subject, therefore in an initial interview with a financial candidate, leave this question out. You can create a solid compensation package by finding out what the candidate earned in previous companies and researching current fair rates using a salary survey tool. Then, during the second interview, you can approach the question with greater clarity. The candidate will probably have a good idea of what he or she would like to earn, and you can present a nice benefit package in a less stressful and more organized fashion.

Use the above tips as you interview financial candidates, for a more positive outcome and hiring process. Remember, if you need support recruiting quality financial employees, the folks at Venteon are happy to help. Click here to contact us today!


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Audit Associate, Financial Analyst, Bookkeeper – Direct Hire, Troy, MI

January 19th, 2016

Our Accounting and Finance Practice have the below outstanding candidates available for hire!

Staff Accountant/Full-Charge Bookkeeper
•BS from Purdue and an MS-Accountancy from Walsh
•Manufacturing/Automotive Experience
•Exposure to a variety of ERP systems
•Immediately Available

Compensation & Benefits Manager
•BS in Economics from UM-Ann Arbor
•Extensive experience in compensation, benefits, and retirement planning
•Administered company stock plans, ESPP & ESOP as well as quarterly reporting, re-pricing and cancellations
•Immediately available to interview and start

Sr. Payroll Administrator
•BSBA and MS in HR Administration
•Cross-functional across HR specializations:Payroll, Benefits, HRIS, Generalist
•ADP, Ceridian, SAP and other software proficiency
•Immediately available

Audit Associate
•High potential 2+ year Audit Associate currently working with one of the Detroit area’s Big 4 public accounting firms.
•CPA assigned to multiple large multi-national clients.
•Very good grasp of new accounting standards and brings a conceptually strong knowledge of US GAAP to the table.

Sr. Accountant/Accounting Supervisor
•MBA in Finance; Bachelors in Accounting
•5 plus years of progressive experience with a global tier 1 automotive supplier
•Experience with journal entries for foreign entities, multiple currencies, foreign exchange rate evaluations and currency hedging
•Advise senior management in regards to departmental budgeting and spending forecasts
•Manage Capital spending and fixed asset accounting processes

Financial Analyst
•MBA in Finance
•Extremely proficient in all aspects of Microsoft Office, most notably Excel
•Prepare monthly financial reports for CEO, focusing on key performance indicators
•Conduct quantitative analysis to forecast future revenue
•Analyze historical sales data to determine proper pricing models
•Conduct industry research and trend analysis

Divisional HR Manager
•Support colleague relations for approximately 200 salary and hourly colleagues
•Coordinate new hire orientation and training
•Maintain divisions’ organizational charts
•Administer annual benefit enrollment
•Revise, update and maintain company policies and colleague handbook
•Manage workers’ compensation program
•ISO14001/EMS Audits for HR Department
•TS16949/QMS Audits for HR Department
•Manage Health, Safety & Environmental Committee
•Perform monthly Health, Safety & Environmental Audits

Tired of Losing Out on Top Candidates? Try This!

January 15th, 2016

Right now, it’s a candidate-driven market. The best talent available in any industry has the luxury to choose the company they wish to work for, they have the power to bargain for a better deal and they don’t have to abide by everything that a company may deem fit. Many companies tweak their policies to recruit the best talent. If you are missing out on top candidates, you may want to be a tad more flexible. Beyond that, there are several factors that may be hindering your chances of recruiting the top candidates.

Let’s take a pragmatic view of what might be working against you while recruiting, that may be causing your firm to miss out on top candidates.

There is always more than one reason why top candidates may turn down your job offer. You need to find out what these reasons are. For some people, it could be just a matter of convenience. Where your office is based, where they live, the kind of setting you have and other aspects that you cannot change may be the reason. You obviously cannot change the location of your business or suddenly change the infrastructure.

In some cases, other companies manage to present their job offers before you do and the top candidates may already commit to one of those jobs. It is a simple case of timing. It is also common for top candidates to dislike the interviewing process or those doing the recruitment, and they might not feel comfortable. If you delve deep into the trends or reasons of rejection, you would figure out how you can fix the problem.

The most generic reason why top candidates turn down job offers is salary. The salary and perks you have offered may be below the market standards. Another company may have made a much better offer or the candidate may have certain specific preferences pertaining to incentives and salaries which your company may not be able to fulfill. If your salaries are much lower than market standards, then you need to review the policy as it would always come in the way of hiring the best talent.

Slow, delayed or indecisive recruitment approaches often hurt a company and the top talent bags the jobs that are swiftly offered. Just as the candidates will have more than one option, companies should also have other doors open. Don’t zero in on just one candidate. Have a plan A, plan B and plan C whenever possible.


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How to Properly Interview Financial Candidates

January 7th, 2016

Interviewing financial candidates can be a challenge, particularly because those with the right skills are either already working for other companies or they are in big demand. Therefore, you will want to make the most of this time with a promising financial candidate, making a positive impression that will impress them to come work for your company vs. a competitor.

Here are some quick tips for how to properly interview financial candidates.

Start with the phone-screening interview.

The last thing you want to do is waste a valuable candidate’s time, therefore the phone-screening interview can be very useful. Have a good intro prepared for the candidate about the company, what you are looking for, and a set of questions that can get to the bottom of the candidate’s career goals. Gauge how excited the candidate sounds, if they are interested in the company and how they feel about the industry as a whole.

Move into the interviewing phase as soon as possible.

Once you have conducted the phone screen, and you are certain this is a candidate you want to learn more about, schedule an in-person interview as soon as possible. Keep in mind the candidate’s schedule, if he or she is currently employed. A temporary staffing agency can support the initial phases of screening and interviewing financial candidates too, so you can make the most of this time.

Research and prepare solid financial interview questions.

The interview is a valuable time to find out more about the candidate, therefore you will want to make sure to prepare a series of at least 10-12 good financial interview questions that probe deeper into the candidate’s background, experience, and goals. Remember to ask open-ended questions and allow the candidate to ask some questions about the company, too.

Present a generous job offer and package.

Once you have checked and verified and met with the candidate, you can move into the job offer phase. Have a generous job offer package put together, including a starting salary and benefits that are worthy of the candidate’s value. Prepare a job offer letter and give it to the candidate to consider, with a deadline for making a decision set.

When you use the above tips, your financial interview will go smoothly and you will likely end up with an amazing employee.


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