Candidates In The Spotlight – Engineering, Troy, MI

July 14th, 2014

Mechanical Design Engineer

  • Bachelors of Science – Mechanical Engineering Technology (3.52 GPA)
  • 2 years of SolidWorks design experience
  • Created and set up BOM
  • Researched suppliers data base to ensure cost effectiveness
  • Excellent communication skills

 Entry Level Engineer

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University
  • 3.68/4.0 GPA
  • 2 semesters of C+ programming
  • Basic PLC knowledge
  • Very well spoken and professional
  • CO-OP in a Manufacturing Environment
  • Immediate availability

 Field Service Technician

  • Power Technology Diploma, 2012 Michigan Institute of Aviation & Technology
  • 10-Hour OSHA General Industry Safety, 10-hour OSHA Construction Industry Certificates
  • Mechanical and Electrical troubleshooting
  • Hydraulics and PLC knowledge
  • Willing to travel

 Mechanical Engineer

  • BSME from Wayne State
  • Internship experience with Tier 1 auto supplier
  • Proficient in CAD drafting and 3D modeling using NX Unigraphics and AutoCAD
  • Create 2D drawings and 3D design work in support of HVAC design
  • Carry out checks of 3D design to ensure proper fit of all components
  • Strong communication skills

 Account Manager

  • 10 years automotive experience
  • BSME or similar degree
  • Existing relationships with automotive Tier 1 clients
  • Ability to work independently or in teams

 Automotive Engineers

  • 5+ years of automotive engineering experience
  • Heavy Plastic injection molding experience
  • Experience with Glass encapsulation
  • BSME or similar degree
  • Strong in Quality or Process Engineering

 Program Manager

  • 3-5 years of automotive experience
  • Experience with automotive interiors
  • APQP, PPAP experience
  • Strong program and project management skill
  • Heavy experience with launch activity


Tips for Shifting Your Engineering Career

July 7th, 2014

If you are considering a shift in your engineering career, you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row. As a professional, you’ll want to avoid changing things haphazardly because this can cause you to struggle with advancing in your field.

Why would any engineer want to shift his or her career? The reasons include: being stuck in a dead-end job, wanting a new challenge, moving up the corporate ladder and much more. In this article we discuss the best tips for those making a career shift in the engineering field today.

Take a Long Look at Yourself

The first thing you need to do is take a look at yourself and where your career is right now. What is it that motivates you at the office each day? Do you enjoy going to work each day? Or, do you dread walking into the office? Are you being challenged with what you do? Are you being productive? If not, you need to be fair to the company and stop working for them. They deserve the best work from all of their employees, not just some.

Discover Job Opportunities

Once you investigate yourself, you need to figure out what your job opportunities are. They can be in the town you currently work in or somewhere else in the country. You might even want to shift your engineering career to a new zip code. There are plenty of jobs out there, but you cannot work all of them, so you need to put together a short list of jobs you wish to work. With a short list you will be able to focus on just three or four jobs. Research all of these positions, the company offering the job, and anything else you deem necessary prior to applying.

Name Your Career Goals

In order to shift your engineering career you need to name career goals. If you have an ultimate goal, you need to name what it is and work towards achieving it. Employers will ask what your long-term goals are. If you have a good amount of them, or really strong ones, you will be more likely to receive an interview and a job offer than others.

Create Realistic Expectations

When shifting your engineering career, be sure you create realistic job expectations. You need to consider the future of the engineering profession before making a move within the industry. Can you view yourself working in the engineering industry for a prolonged period? If so, you need to set a specific date for your career goals and begin working towards them today. Once you do this, your motivation will go through the roof as you work towards achieving goals and shifting your engineering career into what you want it to be.

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Why Your Company is Losing Talented Developers in Troy MI

June 26th, 2014

It can be very difficult to hold onto talented developers in Troy, MI these days, especially with the demand so high for these types of information specialists. One company might offer one thing while the other cannot offer the same incentive, which makes it easier for developers to jump ship and move to another employer.

You want to keep your best developers at your company for as long as possible. So, why do they seem to keep leaving? Learn some reasons here.

Inability to Find a Project that Sparks Passion

Many companies, no matter their size, have plenty of moving parts. Despite this, they might not have people asking developers if they are enjoying the project they are currently working on in the office. When companies fail to find a project for a developer that sparks their passion, it could cause them to walk out the front door to find greener pastures at other companies.

Absence of a Career Development Discussion

Employees in every industry want to know how far they can climb the corporate ladder where they work. When there is zero talk of career development, the employee will become disengaged at work, thinking that he or she is no longer in the plans of the organization moving forward. This will cause them to look for work elsewhere. Do not let this happen at your company. Speak with all of your developers about where their careers are headed in Troy, MI.

Something that goes along with this topic is the presence of poor performance reviews of a company’s developers. When these are present, employees could feel left out of the company’s future when they are filled out quickly and simply sent to corporate without much thought put into them. This leaves a poor impression on the employee, one that says the employee’s boss does not care about them. The same feeling will develop about the company as a whole.

Top Talent Likes Top Talent

The top developers in Troy, MI want to work with other top talent in their industry. When this happens, the developers are likely to stay in one place, spending a large chunk of their career with your company. If you cannot bring in other top talent within the industry, your best employee(s) will start looking for work elsewhere.

Is the Boss to Blame?

No one wants to give this a thought, but the department supervisor could be the problem if employees are leaving jobs within the same department. If this is the case, be sure to perform a review of all your departments and make managerial changes if necessary to prevent losing any other talented developers at your Troy, MI company.

What to Include in Your Technical LinkedIn Profile

June 20th, 2014

Establishing a solid LinkedIn profile is very important in today’s ever-connected world, especially when you are searching for a job as a technical employee. LinkedIn helps companies and employees interact with each other for open jobs and career events in convenient way. All a job seeker needs to do is send a connection invite to a company and they could be privy to new job openings and other news from the companies.

Here are some suggested ways you can boost your technical LinkedIn profile:

Work History

LinkedIn makes it very easy for a technical worker to add their work history to a profile. All you need to do is upload your resume and the site’s software will take it from there. You can manually add your work history if you want, allowing you to change some words and employment dates. Make sure you include keywords that job seekers or companies will search for or use when posting open jobs online.


Another important aspect of a technical employee’s LinkedIn profile is recommendations from others within the industry. These can come from former employers, current employers, former and current co-workers, mentors, college professors and other industry professionals. Recommendations should be written and not just the endorsements LinkedIn allows. Recommendations need to be well-written, discuss an achievement the candidate reached, or what he or she provided as a technical worker.

Educational History

Technical workers should also include their educational and training history on their LinkedIn profile. You can skip the high school education and go right to college, technical and graduate school. List all of the schools attended, graduation dates, degrees earned and any awards earned while in school.

Special Skills or Training

Technical workers might have to take extra training courses while in school or while working at certain companies. If this is the case, then the technical worker should list these skills and training on their LinkedIn profile. If you have any special certifications, such as in language or Microsoft, be sure this is featured on your LinkedIn profile.

Volunteer Experience

If you have any volunteer experience, no matter what it involves, it should be published in your LinkedIn profile. Many companies will consider job candidates who have some sort of volunteer experience more than those who do not for open jobs. Hiring managers view volunteer experience just as valuable as paid work experience in today’s world.

As a technical worker, be sure you highlight all of your technical skills, training and work experience in your LinkedIn profile. This will help you get noticed by various employers, who may or may not be hiring for technical jobs in Troy MI. Use your profile to keep in touch with technical employers so you can receive notifications about new jobs or vacant jobs as soon as they are posted to the web.

Candidates In The Spotlight: IT Candidates in Troy, MI

June 18th, 2014

Sr. .Net Developer / Lead – Software/ Web-based/ Mobile Applications Programmer

  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Team leader of 7 – 10
  • C#, ASP.Net, SharePoint, VB.Net, VB6
  • Designed and developed Android mobile App
  • Great communication and professionalism


  • ERP Implementation, Infrastructure, Strategy and Planning
  • Published Scholar
  • Enabled 3X revenue growth over 5 years with minimal addition to IT staff
  • Provided near real-time visibility to orders and revenue
  • Extremely stable work history

 QA Manager – Onshore, Offshore, and Outsourced Manager

  • MBA in HR and Marketing, BS in IT
  • Financial, Education, Insurance, Energy and Automotive
  • Six Sigma, PMP, and Java Certified
  • Managing and Coordinating the overall system test effort for Web based services and Mobile applications
  • Knowledgeable in quality programs, computer networks, continuous quality improvement (CQI), Life Cycle Management (LCM), SOX and CMM/CMMI.

  Mobile Application Developers | Android & iOS | “We Build Efficient Applications”

  • 5+ years of experience with iOS Developers who are proficient in Objective C, and SQL lite applications
  • Creative developers with experience constructing web, and mobile applications
  • Experienced Android Developers who utilizing Java, and Groovy when creating Android SDK applications

Software Engineers “Constructing Secure, Front & Back End Application Content”

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.
  • Highly proficient with LAMP technology.
  • Experience with CVS, SVN, WordPress, JQuery, LDAP, and IIS.
  • Familiar with PHP 5.3.
  • Freelance experience.
  • Has been responsible for the productivity of teams ranging from 3-20 developers.

Technical Business Analysts “We Find the Ones You Want, and Need”

  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • 5 years of Business Analysis experience includingformulating and defining system scope, analyzing business/user needs, and writing and executing test plans.
  • Experienced with traditional applications, web and mobile development/Quality Assurance.


Top 10 Answers to Interview Questions from Recruiters in Troy

June 12th, 2014

Preparing for a job interview in Troy, Michigan can be an exciting and nervous time, especially for someone who has been out of work for a while. The best way to prep for a job interview is to think about the potential questions you will be asked by a recruiter and then figure out how you will answer these questions. Here are a few to help you get started!

10 Interview Questions for Troy MI Job Seekers

Question: Tell us about yourself.


We understand that this is a statement and not a question, but it appears in almost every single job interview in Troy. The reason for this portion of the interview is for the recruiter to see how well you think on your feet with an open-ended assignment. Highlight your strongest points and achievements. If you get stuck, think about how your best friend would describe you to someone meeting you for the first time.

Question:  Why do you want to work for this company?


Be as honest as possible with this answer. You can show-off your research skills and knowledge of the company with this answer. If you do not know anything about the company, you will find that the interview will be over quickly.

Question:  What are your qualifications for this job?


Be able to point out the key jobs on your resume that put you in line with this position and talk about your greatest successes from those jobs.

Question: Why are you leaving your current job?


Avoid saying anything negative about your current job at all costs. When you begin criticizing your current employer, the recruiter will find it difficult to imagine you working for their company. Make sure you refrain from discussing money as a motivating factor to leave your current job.

Question: What type of compensation do you require?


This can be a very tricky question to answer. Tell the recruiter your current salary and bonuses as a guideline for what you would need to take the new job.

Question: What is your plan for the next five years?


Make sure you do not tell the recruiter or hiring manager that you want to be in their chair in five years. This will not go over well with most people. Instead, talk about having increased responsibilities at the company.

Question: What weaknesses do you have?


Some of the best weaknesses are viewed as strengths. For example, tell the recruiter that you dislike when you are not challenged at work. This will make a big impression on them. Limit this answer as much as possible.

Question: What strengths do you have?


When you begin listing your strengths, make sure you have examples to back each one up for the recruiter. Your skills and talents need to be quantifiable, not pulled out of thin air. Demonstrate them from your achievments in your career history.

Question:What is the most difficult problem you have dealt with?


Keep your answer focused strictly on the professional side and do not throw in a personal answer. Make sure your situation involves a time when you solved a problem.

Question: What is a typical day like at your current job?


Make sure you do not exaggerate what you do right now with your current job, but you also want the recruiter to know how important you are in the position you hold.

2014 Web Developer Job Salaries in Troy MI

June 6th, 2014

Interested in employment as a Web Developer in Michigan? The good news is that there are many opportunities to work in web development, from entry level assignments to more advanced management roles. Web marketing has exploded in the last few years, adding more careers in this technology field.

Salary and Career Outlook for Web Developers in Troy Michigan

Web developer job salaries in Troy, Michigan can have a very large range depending on the experience level of the employee. Many of you might be wondering what a web developer does during the course of a day. Well, for starters a web developer is responsible for designs, copy layouts for content and graphic sketches of websites. They help to create a website from the infant stages to the final product. This is an important role for large companies who have developers in-house and for those who freelance their skills to multiple companies.

Web Developer I Salary

According to, the median annual salary for a Web Developer I position in Troy, MI comes in at $52,567. This number is just dollars below the national median for the same position. The top 90 percent earn an annual salary of $66,629 on average in Troy.

Working as a web developer can be very lucrative in Troy, even for those earning below the average for the region. The reason for this is that there is plenty of room for improvement in these positions, which means that with added experience, employees can expect raises every so often. Even the bottom 10 percent of the salary range still earns a median annual salary above $40,000 per year.

Experienced Web Developers

Experienced web developers, those who have anywhere from five to ten years on the job, will find themselves making much more than the Web Developer I position in Troy, Michigan. The annual median salary comes for an experienced web developer comes in at $94,628, which is actually eight percent below the national average of $101,850.

These positions can be found at companies across the country and at firms that do nothing but develop websites for other companies. The most experienced web developers will not only be responsible for developing websites and working on products such as JAVA, they might also find themselves managing a team of developers where they work.

Salary Range for Web Developers in Troy MI

As with any other job, the more experience you have with web development, the more likely it is that you will earn a higher salary. It does not matter if you work for a web development firm or work in-house as a web developer for a private company.

In Troy, Michigan, the majority of web developer salaries fall slighty below the national average, no matter the level of experience of the employee. The reason for this could be that web development is handled by developers from outside the state of Michigan, say from firms located in other regions of the country. Another possible reason is that companies simply cannot afford to pay the national average for these positions in Michigan.

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Michigan Workers Comp Facts

May 23rd, 2014

Workers in the state of Michigan should know what it takes to prevent injury while on the job, no matter what line of work they perform. In this post we will discuss how employees can prevent injury while on the job in Michigan. We will also discuss what employees must do if they are hurt on the job so that they can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Do Not Take Shortcuts

While at work, it is best to avoid shortcuts at all costs. We understand that it is important to finish the job as quickly as possible, but you should never take a shortcut to get the project done on-time. When you take shortcuts, you put yourself at risk for accidents that can injure you or your co-workers. Also, be sure to check the instructions prior to beginning the project so you can have anything that is confusing clarified. This is the best way to avoid an accident.

Be Safe While Traveling

According to OSHA, travel accidents cost companies some $60 billion per year due to accidents. It is important that all of your company’s vehicles are inspected each month and any needed repairs are made immediately so the vehicles are safe to drive. Prior to operating a company vehicle, be sure to check the gas level, tire pressure, headlights, break lights and turn signals. If any of these are broken, or not at proper levels, be sure to fix the problem prior to heading out on the road.

Prepare for the Weather

As an employee, you must always prepare for the weather depending on where you work. If you work outdoors, be sure you have the proper clothing based on the time of year and the forecast each day you are on the job. Employers should also be mindful of the weather conditions too. If employees are working in a large facility that is difficult to heat or cool, be sure to have space heaters present and windows open and fans running during the warmer months of the year.

Keep a Clean Workspace

Injuries can be avoided at work in Michigan when workspaces are kept clean and organized. Papers littering desks and floors can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. When a workspace is not kept clean, spills will become the norm, leading to major health and injury issues.

Employee Responsibility for Workplace Injury

If you suffer an injury while on the job in Michigan, be sure to follow the steps outlined below for reporting the injury for workers compensation.

#1 You must first seek medical care following a workplace accident and then identify all the witnesses of the accident and take down their information. The accident should also be reported to your immediate supervisor. Provide a thorough report to your supervisor and workers compensation doctor of everything that hurts on your body due to the accident.

#2 An accident report must be filled out and you need to acquire a copy. Obtain the information of your employer’s workers compensation insurance. If you cannot work after three days, ask your employer to begin workers compensation benefits on the fourth day.

#3 After these steps, you will want to continue any medical care or restricted work as indicated by the approved physician. Provide your employer with all updates on your progress and when you are recovered enough to come back to work at full capacity.

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Candidates In The Spotlight – Accounting & Finance, Troy MI

May 20th, 2014

Big 4 Experience Associate

  • BA in Accounting
  • 2+ years of experience
  • Worked on clients in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, automotive, plastics, pharmaceuticals and aerospace & defense
  • Serviced a variety of client-specific audits such as Business Combinations (mergers and acquisitions), opening balance sheet (OBS) audits and combined / consolidated audits
  • Gained extensive knowledge of the inventory risks, controls, and cycles


 Senior Accountant

  • Bachelor of Science: Accounting
  • Has more than 10 years of Accounting experience
  • Progressive responsibilities
  • Areas of expertise include, general ledger, account reconciliations, financial reporting and financial audits
  • Has a record of steady working
  • High level of professionalism, hardworking, and analytical
  • Available immediately for contract or direct placement

Junior Financial Analyst 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Major- Accounting & Finance
  • Good entry level candidate.
  • She has about a year of quality internship as a Financial Analyst in the automotive industry
  • Experience with budgeting , forecasting, variance and profit analysis and financial  reporting
  • Proficient with MS Applications and other accounting/manufacturing software
  • Immediately available for contract or direct hire

Senior Financial Analyst

  • BBA and MSF in corporate Finance from Walsh
  • 15 years of progressive roles in financial analysis
  • Hyperion, SAP & excel (pivot tables and Vlookups)
  • Immediately available in Macomb County or Northern Oakland County

Accounting/IT Guru

  • BS in Accounting from Eastern Michigan University
  • MS in Business Information Technology, from Walsh
  • 20+ years as an accountant
  • SAP/Great Plains/PeopleSoft/Oracle
  • Open to most of the Metro Area


Why You Are Losing Talented Accountants in 2014

May 15th, 2014

Holding onto the most critical members of your organizational team, especially talented accountants, can be very difficult to do in today’s competitive market. Seems like the wolves are always knocking at your doors trying to steal them. Why is your company losing talented accountants in 2014? We have some scenarios as to why this is happening to your company and what you can do to fix the problem in this post.

The Corporate Culture

Some companies believe that hiring policies are not strict enough, which is why they may be losing accountants. But, it might actually be the corporate culture that is killing an accounting division. If accountants are leaving your company after employment of just one year, you need to take a long, hard look at the culture in the office.

How does corporate culture affect retention rates? Accountants, along with other employees, will not stick around if a company’s culture is not positive. No one wants to work at a company with a negative culture because it ruins their day and even makes them resent coming to work each day.

How can you spot issues with the corporate culture? A part of the company culture is the management team in each division. Many employees leave to work elsewhere not because they hate their job, but because they are leaving a manager behind. You should also take a look at how managers are viewed by their team members and how they interact with their employees. Managers who do not communicate well, provide advancement opportunities, or don’t show appreciation will have a large turnover ratio in their department.

Frequent Reorganization

A company that performs a reorganization often, once every six months or so, will find it difficult to hold onto talented accountants in 2014. Accountants want to work in a stable environment where they know their co-workers and superiors. When reorganizations occur, employees get laid off. This creates an environment of stress and uncertainty. This can lead talented accountants to seek work elsewhere so they prevent being laid off before it can happen.

Competition in a Negative Manner

Competition in a company is very healthy, to an extent. Competition should never be negative. This type of competition can kill the culture at your company and even cause employees to leave for greener pastures. When companies pit divisions against divisions and departments against departments, it turns out to be a very negative environment. Employees will not feel encouraged to stay with your company if you pit them against each other.

Scheduling is Too Tight

Many young accountants like to have flexible scheduling and other benefits. Working in 2014 means that companies need to be flexible with their employees. Do not expect them to work 60 hours per week, weekends, and take very little vacation days. Maybe you could offer them shorter Fridays, longer vacations, and even the option to work from home every so often.
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