5 Things You Should Be Looking for in Every Engineer’s Resume

May 20th, 2016

Your company wants to hire the best engineers possible. This doesn’t take rocket science to figure out. But outside of technical skills, how can you know what you should be looking for in engineering candidates? Turns out many of the skills that engineers have relate to other aspects of their job, such as project management, customer relationship building, and peer collaboration. There is more to the surface to explore.

As you evaluate the resumes of some of the engineers that come across your desk, be sure you are looking for these top-five skills to build your engineering team of the future.

Product knowledge.

Engineers today have to be subject matter experts. Therefore, when you are looking at engineering candidates, make sure you are considering those who have at least two-to-five years of direct product knowledge. This is important because your engineers will be explaining how products work and the value they bring to your clients. If they don’t understand things themselves, they won’t be able to effectively sell them to your clients.

Industry passion.

Saying the words ‘engineering’ and ‘passion’ in the same sentence seems pretty foreign, however the best engineers are extremely passionate about the work that they do. This includes the clients that they work with. Look for candidates who expressed this passion during the interview process. You want a mix of personality and skill in your engineers.

Career progression.

When evaluating engineering candidates for your company you want to look for those who have steadily progressed in their career. It’s easy to want to hire the new graduate fresh out of college, but it is more important to hire an engineer who has a few years under their belt. Look for engineers who have moved up the ladder by taking on increasingly difficult projects and whom have managed tough areas on their own.

Peer acknowledgment.

Engineers who are worth their salt have been endorsed by their peers. Visit the social media profiles of your engineering candidates and take a look at what some of their colleagues have said about their work. Ask your engineers for at least one or two additional professional references before considering them for a job.

Ongoing learning.

The best engineers know that the only way they will ever stay ahead of the curve is by being lifelong learners. Make sure you that you are hiring engineers who value learning and are willing to try new things. Provide valuable learning and work experiences at your company in order to create loyal employees. Look for engineers who have at least a bachelor’s degree and have gone after at least one or more engineering certifications.


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Do Your Top Engineers Possess These Sought-After Traits?

May 13th, 2016

It is a candidate-driven market presently for top engineers. The unemployment rates are at nationally historic lows and certain skill sets are hard to come by. Even so, hiring engineers takes careful evaluation of the candidates for your industry. You want the right professionals on board who can take your company to the next level.

How can you make sure that your engineering hires have what it takes? Focus on the most highly sought after skills in top engineers as part of your recruitment strategy.

Analytical Mindset

Engineers have the desire to figure things out and they use applied creativity in this process. When hiring engineers, look for those who are able to turn theoretical concepts into real business world solutions. Engineers who are highly creative and can think through complex processes are the most desired in the market today. Look for engineers who have been able to solve problems, made improvements, or created better processes that have benefited previous employers.

Mathematical and Mechanical Ability

A vast majority of engineers develop strong math and mechanical skills from an early age. This often involves understanding complex mechanical systems and how parts work together. Mathematical skills enable engineers to accurately measure and create factors that make mechanical operations successful. Mathematical skills should be more advanced than regular algebra and should also include the software that is used in modern-day engineering.

Project Management and Leadership

The best engineers are those who have above-average ability to manage the projects that they work on, even if there are multiple projects occurring at once. These engineers are also very good at leading others on their teams. While many engineers prefer to work alone, it is important to hire engineers who have strong interpersonal skills because they will spend a great deal of time working on teams and collaborating with their peers. When hiring for senior engineering positions, you need to definitely hire those who have proven leadership skills.

Soft Skills

While the above technical skills are vital for your engineers to possess, the workplace is shifting and soft skills are becoming important too. Soft skills are traits that help engineers fit in well with other employees, such as time management, work-life balance, writing and grammar skills, and more. These soft skills help engineers become part of the corporate culture quickly.

Ready to hire top engineers for your company? Check out these resources for employers.


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Create an Onboarding Policy That Promotes Loyalty Among Your Engineers

May 6th, 2016

Most Engineers start a new job anticipating a lot of unforgettable moments like meeting new team members, discovering where they belong, and anticipating a long and successful career. These are the moments that will last forever. The problem is, most engineering onboarding programs focus on forgettable aspects of a career. For example, they focus too much on administrative tasks, technical issues, and setting up systems.

While these mundane tasks are important for long-term success, they certainly don’t dictate long-term success or loyalty with your engineering hires. That’s why it’s important to develop a human connection with your engineering staff that will last the test of time. Here’s how.

Understand what engineering hires want.

Most employees are looking for an opportunity to make an impact. They are also looking for a work environment that Embraces diversity and respect for all employees. Engineers are also seeking opportunities to excel in their field with regular recognition from their upper management.

Create a meaningful onboarding process.

Studies have shown that when employees are provided with a structured onboarding process they are more likely to be retained for the long term. One can only imagine how overwhelming it would be to be thrown into an engineering career without this type of orientation. Sadly, this happens very often. Instead, it is important to give Engineers time to adjust to their new role and the tasks that are set forth in front of them. They are more apt to stick around if they feel supported.

Give them rewarding projects.

One of the unique personality traits that most Engineers share is that they thrive in challenging environments where they can show off their skills. Engineers can be highly competitive and this comes from their analytical nature. Tap into this and give them something to keep them motivated by providing your engineers with challenging and rewarding projects that allow them to shine in front of their peers.

Show them the bigger picture of their future.

Engineers are generally very in tune with what’s happening in the industries in which they work. But they also need to see what their contribution can lead to. Make sure to include your engineers as part of your Consulting team so that they can participate in shaping the future of your organization. Make them part of the bigger picture. When they can see their future within this success framework they are more inclined to be excited to be part of it.


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4 Tips to Help You Land a Better Financial Career

April 29th, 2016

Are you ready to take your financial career to the next level of greatness? Maybe you have been in the finance world for a few years and you have the confidence to go after your dream job. Use these four tips to help you land a better financial career.

Leverage your social networks.

Studies have shown that 75 percent of recruiters check out the social media profiles of candidates before they make hiring decisions. Add to that the 94 percent of recruiters who turn to social media to look for talent. As a financial candidate, you can leverage your social networks to build an impressive presence for yourself. Use LinkedIn and financial friendly social networks like Tip’d Finance News and Twinancial to stay on top of finance news, then build a solid library of knowledge and content in your area of expertise. Create branded profiles and participate in the discussion with other finance pros, as often this is the way to find out about unadvertised jobs in the financial world.

Register with a finance staffing agency.

Leading companies turn to respected finance staffing agencies like Venteon when they want to find good people to bring on board. Make sure you are registered for work and ready to take on a new assignment when a good one comes along. Update your profile and connect with the recruitment team on a regular basis for your best chance to getting offered a temp-to-perm finance job in the area.

Get involved with financial associations.

Extend your circle of influence by becoming a member of a national financial association, such as the Association for Financial Professionals and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Registration often comes with direct access to finance jobs with the leading companies around the nation, a chance to interact with peers, and a place to share your social profiles.

Get published in financial magazines and blogs.

Make a name for yourself as a published author on financial subjects you are an expert in. The easiest way is to create your own blog, but you can also find other financial websites and blogs where content is accepted for free. This can help you to stand out from other candidates who are not as active in finance, plus it can be highly rewarding to see your name in print. At the very least you will attract a high-level finance company and a job offer this way.

Looking for a new financial career? Click here to learn more about the great financial jobs through Venteon today!


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Are Your Financial Candidates Disengaged? Get Them Back on Track!

April 22nd, 2016

With the busy tax season in full swing, it’s easy for financial candidates to get overwhelmed, burnt out, and just plain disengaged. We know from workplace studies that across all industries, workers are actively disengaged on a regular basis – around two-thirds of the workforce to be exact. But your company doesn’t have to let this happen!

Here are some ways to get your financial candidates back on track.

Focus on intrinsic rewards vs. extrinsic.

A very basic psychological principle dictates that when people are having their internal needs met, rather than just external factors, they are more apt to be engaged in their careers. Intrinsic needs include desires, recognition, satisfaction, and other emotional requirements that people look for to be happy. A job cannot provide all of these things, but when managers recognize that externals like bonuses and incentives aren’t effective all the time, they can begin to address the internal needs that employees have.

Give employees the knowledge to face industry changes.

The financial industry as a whole has gone through massive changes over the last few years, particularly in areas such as payroll and taxation. When financial candidates are armed with up-to-date knowledge and resources to do their jobs, this increases their engagement levels. Make your workplace a learning environment where financial employees can get training on the topics and products they need to do a good job.

Stay connected to what’s happening in financial candidates’ lives.

Finance and accounting professionals work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure that their companies function like the well-oiled machines they are. But these same folks often do so at their own peril, sacrificing time with their families, working long hours, and not leading the healthiest of lifestyles. Give your financial employees the support they need to have work-life balance. Hire temporary financial candidates to cover especially busy periods and give regular employees a chance to take some much-needed time off.

Provide a strong compensation package.

While this is not the only thing that drives performance, financial candidates uniquely understand the value of a generous compensation and benefits package. Employers can do a lot to boost morale by improving this every year, so as to offer more than the competition can dream of. Maintaining engagement and keeping good people on board requires other perks too, such as a nice office to work in, the latest financial technology, and favorable co-workers.

If your financial candidates need a boost, or you need help find top-quality finance workers, contact Venteon today!

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April 21st, 2016

Audit Associate

  • High potential Audit Associate whose completed 2 busy seasons working with one of the Detroit area’s Big 4 public accounting firms.
  • Assigned to large SEC and privately owned clients covering a manufacturing and insurance industry
  • Completing CPA by end of the year


Assurance In-Charge

  • High potential Audit Associate whose completed 3 busy seasons working with one of the Midwest’s largest firms
  • CPA whose client base privately owned clients covering a manufacturing and other industries
  • Well versed in financial statement audits, employee benefit plan audits, and tax work
  • Supervises group of 2-4 on client engagements


Tax Senior Associate

  • CPA with one of Detroit’s Big 4 public accounting firms
  • Client base includes publicly traded automotive OEM’s and large Tier 1 auto suppliers
  • Tax specialties include both SALT as International
  • Has 1 year industry experience in addition to 6 years’ public accounting experience


Tax Accountant

  • High potential Tax Accountant whose completed 6 busy seasons working with one of the Midwest’s largest firms
  • CPA whose client base privately owned clients covering a manufacturing and other industries
  • Well versed in returns for C-Corporations and S-Corporations, plus International Tax compliance and ASC 740


International Tax Senior

  • JD with one of Detroit’s Big 4 public accounting firms with 4 years’ experience
  • Client base includes publicly traded automotive OEM’s and large Tier 1 auto suppliers
  • Tax specialty is in International tax restructuring, provision and planning


Senior SEC Analyst

  • CPA with previous Big 4 public accounting experience and industry experience at Big 3
  • Familiar with major ERP systems including SAP and Hyperion
  • Expert in SEC filings, related footnotes and SOX compliance/testing
  • Main role in project to convert 2 different large entities within company to one common Chart of Accounts


Financial Analyst

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Masters in Accounting from Oakland University
  • BS Accounting, Minor Economics from George Mason University
  • 5 Years Manufacturing/Automotive Experience
  • Advanced skills in Excel
  • Immediately Available


Senior Associate – International Tax

  • 2 years of experience in Big 4 firm
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.), Taxation – Boston University School of Law
  • D., Tax Law/Taxation – University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
  • Experience with treaty analysis, international tax reporting, global capital structure planning


Senior Accountant

  • B.A. Accounting – University of Michigan, Dearborn
  • CPA Candidate, passed all 4 sections of exam
  • 3 plus years of progressive experience with a global tier-1 automotive supplier
  • Experience with journal entries, forecasting, general ledger, month-end reporting
  • Advanced Excel Skills
  • Immediately Available


Advisory Associate

  • Very driven 2+ year Advisory Associate who is currently working with a large regional public accounting firm and who has Audit experience with one of the Detroit area’s Big 4 public accounting firm.
  • CPA with extensive Audit & Advisory experience with large multi-nationals Automotive, Healthcare & Financial Services clients
  • Experience with SEC Reporting, Financial Modeling, value analysis & industry research for both private and public companies

Tax Senior Associate- Mergers & Acquisitions/International Tax

  • Result oriented Senior Tax Associate who has worked for a Big 4 public accounting firm for the last 4.5 years
  • D. from Wayne State with a concentration in Tax
  • Extensive Domestic and International ASC 740 & UTP reserve (formerly FIN48) experience (including a Fortune 10 company) in the manufacturing, financial Services & energy industries
  • Advised multinational corporations, privately held companies, private equity firms & partnerships on the tax aspects of efficient planning, structuring & executing transactions.

Audit Associate

  • 2+ year Big 4 Auditor with experience with large Tier-1 automotive suppliers
  • CPA who graduated with a 3.95 GPA from U of M Ann Arbor with a double major in Accounting and Finance
  • Extensive SEC reporting experience with large multinational companies

5 Traits That Set Top Financial Candidates Apart — And How to Spot Them

April 15th, 2016

Back in 2014, a PWC survey of 150 worldwide organizations revealed some interesting truths about what sets top candidates apart from others. It seems that the more confident candidates are about the quality and maturity of the organizations they work for, the better they perform. For example, half of the respondents believed that customer engagement systems were an indicator of success. Others thought that having access to highly accurate data, being encouraged to use innovation and technology at work, and those who worked more efficiently were operating at a higher level than their counterparts.

When selecting financial candidates, one can see why the above factors can be crucial to hiring the top people for your company. Not only must your recruitment efforts be spent on hiring quality candidates who have positive backgrounds in the industry, but they must also hold themselves to high standards.

They are high achievers.

As you start reviewing the resumes of potential financial candidates, pay attention to their career achievements. Look for indicators that they are driven by success and metrics. Percentages of collections, percentages of error-free work, awards and recognition are all positive factors that indicate a candidate is above board.

They have the right attitude.

It can be easy to focus just on the skills and education of a candidate, but it is also critical to take a look at their personality and the attitude that they bring to the job. Hiring a financial candidate with a great attitude can make a big difference on your team. You’ll want to evaluate their personality and attitude during the interview process. Do they smile? Are they engaging in the conversation? These can be clues to a candidate’s attitude.

They care about their work.

When you are evaluating a candidate, also pay close attention to how much they care about the work that they do. There are some financial candidates who just do the bare minimum but then there are others who truly put their heart into the work that they perform. This is the type of candidate that you want to hire.

They are continual learners.

Financial candidates need to be ahead of industry trends and updates in laws. Therefore, when hiring them look for those who are lifelong learners. These are candidates who have advanced certifications in financial applications and methods. They are active on temporary assignments where they can continue learning.

They are team players.

Last, but certainly not least, a strong financial candidate demonstrates the ability to get along well with others and work on projects as a team player. It can be difficult to be a team player in financials because so much of the work performed is autonomous. However, seek out candidates who have shown that they enjoy working as part of a team, towards the common good.

If you’re looking to hire top financial candidates, partner with Venteon today! We have a pool of talented, vetted and ready to work candidates who can fill any open position.


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Financial Employees Heading For the Door? How to Find Out

April 8th, 2016

Lately, it appears that the finance department has been missing a few people. Maybe they’ve left the office for the day or they are taking some time off. Or maybe worse – they are not coming back and they have started working for a competing firm. What’s happening here?

Has your finance and accounting department begun to circulate rumors of an all-out mutiny? There’s still hope to retain your best financial candidates, but you must take swift action to find out what’s going on.

The accounting and finance employees are getting restless.

There are generally some internal issues that can mess with even the best accounting teams. Things like audits, end of the month and quarterly reporting cycles, changes in leadership, and even performance review times can all shake up the department. During these times, make note of any employees who are acting differently or grumbling more. Take the time to open the doors of communication and get a measure of where people stand and how your management team can help them.

There is far too much work and not enough bodies to go around.

When employees become overwhelmed by projects, deadlines, and picking up the slack from other departing employees, they tend to become less productive. They may seek another job just for sheer survival. During the busiest time of the year, it’s a good idea to bring in accounting and finance temps to augment your current team. This can increase retention and productivity levels for your department.

Too many distractions in the office.

We live in a world where there is constant information streaming into our brains through mobile devices, social networks, and online buzz. This can become a real problem for accounting employees who must stay focused on highly detailed tasks and reports. If you note employees who are continually posting on their social networks, not at their desks engaged in meaningful work, and not able to meet their deadlines, it can be a good time to set some performance goals for them or find replacements.

Watch for other signs of employee discord too, such as:

• excessive tardiness or people calling out sick too often;
• interpersonal conflicts between accounting employees and other departments;
• poor and negative attitudes expressed on a regular basis;
• reports from customers on negative customer service from employees; and
• loss of your seasoned employees and team leads.

By keeping a close eye on the above factors, you can help to reduce the chance of losing any more good employees from your accounting department. If you need more help retaining or finding top financial employees, partner with the staffing experts at Venteon today!


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IT Certifications You Need to Get Hired in 2016

March 25th, 2016

The world of information technology is continually changing and it’s hard to tell from one day to the next what’s emerging as the “hot new” product or development. But there’s one thing for certain: If you want to stay employed for any length of time in IT, you must also be continually learning all you can. Part of this learning is going after industry certifications that prove you have the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

What are some of the best IT certifications to invest in your career in 2016 and beyond?
Here’s a rundown, based on most recent workforce data.

Project Management Professional (PMP)
Being a well-trained project manager is at the helm of IT work, and so earning the PMP should be your first step in gaining respect and a better career. The PMP involves taking a number of courses (online and print available) then passing a rigorous PMP exam. The certification is worth the investment, with earnings being reported averaging $116k or more for skilled project managers in the IT field.

VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV)
For over 15 years, the VMware Certified Associate (VCA) has been the top entry-level certification for It pros to earn. This year, the certification has been modified to include the data center virtualization specialization, as well as other areas of focus like security and risk management. Classes are available online and a test ensures certification is simple to achieve. Reported earnings with the VMware certifications are in the upper 90s.

Six Sigma Green Belt
The Six Sigma Green Belt certification is not IT specific, but it is highly valued in the industry for its ability to produce high-quality and detail-oriented work. Classes are available online, some with assessments, and some students earn this through college level classes or job projects. Many employers offer this certification as part of a management training program. Earning a Six Sigma Green Belt certification can elevate earnings by as much as 25 percent, according to some estimations.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
Data theft is on the rise around the world, therefore, companies are seeking IT pros who are well-equipped to handle corporate information securely. The CISM, a CISCO certification, is designed to teach the foundation of data security at all levels. IT pros must meet strict guidelines to earn this certification, including at least 10 years of work experience. There are currently around 25,000 people CISM certified, so there are plenty of opportunities to earn a lot given the limited supply in the workforce.

Looking for an IT certification, or a new IT career altogether? Click here to contact the IT staffing experts at Venteon today!


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March 24th, 2016

Find a list of IT candidates available for work immediately in Troy, MI.

.Net Developer (Lead/Sr. Level)

  • Well-versed application developer with a very stable and progressive work history.
  • Over seven years of experience in application design, agile/waterfall methodologies, development, and application implementation.
  • C#.NET, MVC, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL
  • Complete B.S. degree in Information Systems


PLEX Implementation Subject Matter Expert

  • 10 years of ERP implementation experience (PLEX, Saas, Syteline)
  • Global management, deployment and implementation throughout North America, Asia and Europe
  • 12 years’ experience in manufacturing, production and operations
  • Fluent in both English and Spanish languages


SAP Analyst (Mid – Level)

  • This candidate has been in the automotive industry for 8 years and has a stable work history. She has progressed as an analyst and has recently been working with FI/CO modules.
  • Supports requests for creation of new reports for various processes for the finance department.
  • Part of a team that supports 4000 users in 30 different locations throughout the United Sates.


Technical Skills Full Lifecycle:  Analysis, Design, Configuration, Development and Operation

FI-Asset Management and Cash Managemen, CO – Cost Center Accounting and Internal Orders

Creating detailed analysis of accounts when requested for Finance (AP, AR, G/L)



.NET Developer (Senior Level)

  • This candidate has been continually progressing as a developer and has over 10 years of experience in multiple development languages.
  • Seeking a challenging career opportunity with a company that utilizes the latest technology.
  • Has strong communication skills and is responsible for interacting with business users to define requirements at current company.


Technical Skills :Programming Skills: .NET 4.5, C#, WPF, HTML, VB.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, AngularJS, PHP, Java Script, C++, SQL, Software: MS Office Suite, Visual Studio 2013, MS SQL ServerOperating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Linux Based