Smart Engineering Job Search Strategies in Michigan

February 27th, 2015

With 2015 in full swing, skilled engineers around Michigan are looking for a new job. But they need to put together a strong job search strategy in order to land the job of their dreams. Whether you are entering the workforce right out of engineering college or moving to a new company, your strategy needs to be as strong as possible. We will discuss the best job search strategies for engineers in Michigan here.

Begin with a Self Assessment

The first step you must take in your engineering job search is to assess yourself. A self assessment is very important because it can help you determine what type of job you wish to work and with what type of company. The self assessment should see you answer a host of questions that include any of the following:

  • What is my ideal work environment?
  • What types of engineering jobs interest me?
  • Where do I want to work geographically?
  • How important is long-term security?
  • Where do I see my career headed in the future?
  • How can I achieve work-life balance as an engineer?
  • What do I want the daily tasks of my job to include?

You do not have to answer all of these questions to be successful in your job search, but answering some of them will help you understand what type of job values you want.

Perform Job Research in Michigan

The next step in the process is to perform research into the various engineering jobs on the market today. Begin by searching for jobs that interest you and ones that fit the values you described by answering the questions in the previous section. Once you put together a list of the available jobs on the market, begin comparing them to each other based on your values from the first section. This is how you can begin to whittle the list down to only a handful of jobs that you would consider applying for in the future.

Register with a Technical Staffing Agency

One of the best ways to launch into a strategic engineering job search in Michigan is to get registered with a local technical staffing provider, like Venteon. This opens up a much wider net of engineering jobs in your area of expertise because companies turn to staffing agencies when searching for great candidates.

Build a Strong Job Network

As with all types of job searches, you must build your network while searching for a job. Networking is something that should be done on a constant basis, not only when you are looking for a job. The more often you network, the more likely it is that you will be able to find a job within the engineering field quicker than if you failed to network. When you network, you meet new people within your industry, some of whom could recommend you for a job down the road.

Putting together a strong job search strategy for the New Year as an engineer will help you find a job within your niche as quickly as possible. Simply wandering around aimlessly looking for a job will not be productive. You need to have a plan in place in order to be successful.


February 27th, 2015

Venteon Recruiters are looking for the below candidates for Engineering & Accounting opportunities.  Contact us at 248-269-0000 and check out all our current job openings.


Vision Systems Engineer

Our client, a Tier-1 supplier of Automotive Components, is looking for a Vision Systems expert to join their team.  Located in Plymouth, this candidate will need a thorough understanding of imaging technologies, as well as an ability to develop and code computer programs.

  • Bachelors in Engineering Required
  • Certified Vision Professional preferred
  • 5-10 years of implementing vision systems


Project Manager/Engineer

Experienced in running and programming CNC Machines (Lathe, Mills and Grinders), cost estimating, feeds and speeds, tooling, G & M codes, and coordinating the development of control plans with Quality Engineers.  This is a contract-to-direct opportunity located in the Wixom/Brighton area.


Sales Operations Manager

Responsible for commission planning, performance reporting, pipeline and territory management. Liasion between Sales and financial reporting team.

The Key to Attracting Entry-Level Engineers

February 20th, 2015

Does your company need to attract more entry-level engineers for open jobs? If so, you might run into a couple of problems that can be corrected by almost any company. Entry-level employees can be difficult to attract due to the fact that they are likely from the millennial generation and will be working for managers from the baby boomer generation, which can be a large gap in how operations are handled. Below, we will discuss the key to attracting entry-level engineers at your company.

Update the Office Environment to Appeal to Engineers

When it comes to attracting entry-level engineers to your company, you must take into account that entry-level employees do not want to work in cubicle farms. This office setting was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but should be done away with as soon as possible now. Open floor plans are a great way to attract entry-level engineers, who want to be able to speak with their co-workers without having to climb over a cubicle wall or walk down the hall because of the dividers in place.

Learn How to Speak Online Language of Engineers

Another great way to attract entry-level engineers to your company is by learning how to speak their online language. The generation of millennials is the first one to be entirely connected to technology. They have spent their entire lives online and do not know what it is like to be without the internet. Update your company website, including the careers page, in order to catch the eyes of potential engineering candidates. The website should be easy-to-use and should convert to a mobile platform so millennial candidates can find it on smartphones and tablets.

Change How Employees Can Work

Our third method to attracting entry-level engineers to your company is to change how employees can work. With all of the technology available today, millennial workers do not view work in the traditional sense of in an office from nine-to-five each weekday. Instead, they want their employers to be flexible in how and where work can be completed. An excellent way to make this happen is by offering flexible work schedules for your employees. They can be allowed to come to work early and leave early, come to work late and leave late, or work longer hours from Monday through Thursday in order to have Friday off.

The engineering industry is one of the most competitive within the job market today, especially when it comes to adding entry-level engineers to your employee ranks. If your company is finding it difficult to bring in the best new talent, consider making one or more of the changes outlined above to improve your chances.

Engineering Candidates, Troy, MI – Candidates In The Spotlight

February 12th, 2015

Test Engineer / Metallurgical Specialist

  • Expertise in metallurgy and alloys
  • Over 10 years of experience in automotive lab environments
  • Extensive structural and metallurgical testing experience

Mechanical Design Engineer

  • Bachelors of Science – Mechanical Engineering Technology (3.52 GPA)
  • 2 years of SolidWorks design experience
  • Created and set up BOM
  • Researched suppliers data base to ensure cost effectiveness
  • Excellent communication skills

Entry Level Engineer

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University
  • 3.68/4.0 GPA
  • 2 semesters of C+ programming
  • Basic PLC knowledge
  • Very well spoken and professional
  • CO-OP in a Manufacturing Environment
  • Immediate availability

 Mechanical Engineer

  • BSME from Wayne State
  • Internship experience with Tier 1 auto supplier
  • Proficient in CAD drafting and 3D modeling using NX Unigraphics and AutoCAD
  • Create 2D drawings and 3D design work in support of HVAC design
  • Carry out checks of 3D design to ensure proper fit of all components
  • Strong communication skills

Account Manager

  • 9 years automotive experience
  • Experience working for OEM and Tier companies
  • Experience in Technical Sales with both electrical and mechanical systems
  • BSME – Michigan State University

Mechanical Engineering Supervisor

  • 15+ years of seating experience
  • Experience as Lead/Senior Engineer, Engineering Supervisor, & Engineering Manager
  • Ability work in management or hands-on engineering capacity
  • BS Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • Strong communicator and team player

Production Control / Master Scheduler

  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Strong Lean Manufacturing Skills
  • OEM & Tier Experience
  • Comfortable in Plant and Corporate Environments
  • BBA, Michigan State University





Are You Hiring Female Engineers? Here’s Why You Should Be

February 12th, 2015

Companies across the country have been working to end the gender gap when it comes to employees, especially in the engineering industry. Female engineers are few and far between, but many companies are trying to find more female engineers for their ranks. The reason for this is not just to close the gender gap, but also because of what they bring to the table.

Learn why it’s important to focus on hiring female engineers this year to add more diversity and skills to your team.

Women are the Cream of the Crop

When it comes to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science, less than 15 percent of all the degrees awarded go to women, according to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This uneven situation is prominent in the field, as women make up less than one-third of all the employees in the technology industry. Right now, women are highly sought after by some of the biggest companies in the country when it comes to engineering jobs.

Benefits of Hiring Female Engineers

The benefits of hiring female engineers include the following:

  • Women have the ability to focus on the human element of their projects.
  • Women have the ability to review information from colleagues multiple times before shutting the door on it.
  • Women make excellent mentors, especially when they work in teams. They are also easy to follow for younger employees.
  • Women have the ability to think globally instead of locally.
  • Women have the ability to be more creative and flexible in their thinking and this is especially true when problems come up at the office.

How to Attract More Female Engineer Candidates

So, now that we have discussed the benefits of hiring more female engineers, how do you go about attracting them to your company? One of the first things you must do is eliminate the presence of any gender bias. This can be done by interviewing multiple candidates at the same time. When you do this, you will be able to choose the best person for the job and even take a second look at a female engineer whom you might have overlooked in the past.

The next step is to choose the correct wording for your engineering job advertisements. Use words that explain the values your company instills in its employees instead of the benefits and perks provided. This will help to target female candidates in addition to male candidates.

Think outside the box if these two methods have not worked for your company. Place the job ads on job boards frequented by women or that are only for women. Also, consider posting the job ads with local business organizations that are geared towards women.

The bottom line here is that female engineers can bring a lot to the table for your company, which is why you need to attract the best talent possible when you have open jobs. Hire female engineers by contacting Venteon Staffing in Michigan.

What Engineering Candidates are Looking For in 2015

February 5th, 2015

We are already knee-deep into the New Year, and engineering candidates are looking forward to some new perks and benefits from their employers. From being treated fairly at work to receiving paid time off, engineering candidates are looking for all kinds of benefits and perks in 2015 so that they can properly balance their work and personal lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and compensation that engineering candidates are looking for this year, so you can attract the best to your projects.

Freedom to Work on Their Own

Engineering candidates do not want to be micromanaged in all they do. There is nothing wrong with a manager lending a helping hand every now and then, but he or she should never hover over the employee on a constant basis. Employees do not mind when a manager helps when asked for it or when they do not know how to ask for help, but desperately need it. Other than that, the manager should stay clear of micromanaging employees.

A Little More Job Security

Employees know that there is no such thing as lifetime employment, but engineering candidates would love to have a little bit of job security in 2015. It is very difficult for employees to be productive and successful on the job when there is always a dark cloud hanging over their heads regarding the security of their job.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling has become very important over the past handful of years in almost every single industry. This is especially true for engineering candidates. They want to be able to enjoy their personal lives as much as possible and this can only happen if they are not expected to work 50 or more hours per week.

Strong Health Insurance

More and more companies are offering to pay their employees’ health insurance plans in full this year. Because of this, prospective employees are looking for companies that offer such a benefit as part of their benefit plan. Engineering candidates want to know that they are covered if they come down with the flu, are injured in a car accident or need to take their child to the doctor for stitches.

Organizational Transparency

Transparency is very important these days. Employees, including engineers, want to know what is happening at their company. They want to know how well the company is doing, or if it is struggling to keep its head above water. When employees are in the know, they will be better positioned to perform their job successfully.

Ongoing Professional Development 

Engineering candidates want the chance to further their education in 2015 and they want their employers to foot the bill. Think about it; employees who further their education will only make your company better because they can apply all of their new skills to their daily job tasks.

Engineering candidates are looking for a lot in 2015 when it comes to benefits and perks at work. Consider offering one or more mentioned above to secure some of the top talent in your industry. Talk with the recruiting pros at Venteon Technical Staffing in Michigan for access to top performance engineers across multiple industries.

Which Tech Skills are Companies Hiring for in 2015?

January 29th, 2015

Tech companies across the country are looking at different skills in 2015 when they sit down to interview top talent within the industry. So, what tech skills are companies looking for this year? We will discuss the most popular and important ones, so technical professionals can brush up on them to land a great job. Here’s what’s trending, according to the most recent sources:

Application and Programming Development

The top tech skill companies will look to add in 2015 is that of application or programming development. The data comes from a Computerworld study, the 2015 Forecast, which found that 48 percent of companies that responded said they plan to hire for this skill within the next year. This skill ranked number one on the Computerworld 2014 Forecast as well, so you can see how important it is to companies these days.

Project Management

From the same survey comes project management skills. This skill was ranked number five on the survey for 2014, so it made a major leap. In the survey, some 35 percent of companies that responded said they were planning to hire for this skill within the next 12 months.

Technical Support

Technical support is the third-highest skill employers will focus on adding in 2015 with 30 of responding companies claiming they want to hire within the next 12 months. This skill dropped one spot from last year’s survey from two to three. Demand for this skill continues to grow because companies are expanding the services they offer to clients.

Security and Corporate Compliance

These two skills can be lumped into one category and have climbed the list from 2014 to 2015. They appeared on last year’s list at number seven. Within the next year, 28 percent of companies that responded to the survey said they plan to hire for this skill.

Web Development – Front and Back End

At number five on the list is web development, which did not even make the list in 2014. Many companies find that web development candidates are very hard to find, especially those who have the most skills in this area. Close to 28 percent of respondents to the survey said they want to hire for this skill in the next 12 months.

Database Administration

Database administration is on the list at number six, which means it did not move up or down from 2014. In fact, 26 percent of companies that responded to the survey said they will hire for this skill within the next year. This skill is needed in every single company, which is why it remains on this list.

Data Analytics

Big data is a driving force in many companies today. Analytics skills are going to be needed by 24 percent of companies that responded to the survey within the next 12 months. This skill moved up one spot from 2014 to 2015 as it sits in seventh place now.

Looking for Technical work in the Troy Michigan area? Be sure to check out the latest technology jobs at Venteon, a technical staffing agency here.

Remote Workers are Happy Workers

January 20th, 2015

Who are some of the happiest workers in today’s market? Yep, you guessed correctly … it’s remote workers! Wouldn’t you be happy if you could work your regular, full-time job from any location in the country? It allows you the opportunity to work your own hours, work wherever you would like and not have to deal with management breathing down your neck.

Read on as we discuss some of the bigger reasons why remote workers are happy workers.

Remote Workers are Healthier

According to a study from ConnectSolutions, remote workers feel they are healthier than when they work in an office setting. In the survey, 45 percent of respondents said that they eat healthier when they work from home. On top of that, 40 percent of them said they get more sleep and 33 percent said they exercise more than when working in an office.

They Save Money

Aside from being healthier when working remotely, workers have also said that they save more money when working from home. The study from Connect Solutions said that they save an average of $4,500 per year due to the lack of a commute. With no commute, the workers do not have to pay for gas, tolls, public transportation, car insurance or other automotive costs.

Satisfaction When Working Remotely

A study from Gallup found that remote workers are happy when working from home. A couple of reasons for this include the ability to sleep in slightly later, wear whatever they want during the day, and not have to get dressed up for meetings when they take place over the phone. Their day is much more relaxed, which can be the perfect situation for some workers to be more productive.

Employee Engagement is High

The Gallup survey also found that engagement is higher for employees who work remotely than those who do not. When employees do not work remotely, the study found that 52 percent of them are not engaged while at work. Employees who work remotely all the time are found to be engaged at 30 percent of the time and not engaged at 47 percent of the time.

Lack of Workplace Drama

Employees who are allowed to work remotely enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle because they do not have to deal with any workplace drama. This includes fighting between co-workers, issues with management, office politics and much more. Even if they are employed by a company, and have to have phone meetings or Skype meetings, they are still disconnected from the office drama.

Better Peer Collaboration

The Connect Solutions study also found that 80 percent of remote workers feel they have better collaboration when working remotely, especially when there are strong lines of communication between the remote workers and the in-house staff members.

The bottom line here is that employees are happier and healthier when they work remotely. Consider allowing some of your employees the opportunity to work remotely a couple of days per week to increase productivity of your workforce. If you think you could benefit from this, or have any other staffing or job search related inquiries, contact Venteon today!

Candidates In The Spotlight – IT Candidates, Troy, MI

January 19th, 2015

.Net Developer (Mid. Level)

  • This candidate has a very stable work history and great communication. A cutting edge programmer analyst seeking a challenging career opportunity in application development, with over four years of experience in application design, the agile philosophy, mobile web development, and application data modeling.

       Technical Skills

  • Programming Skills: C#.NET, MVC, HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, VB.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, AngularJS, Jquery Mobile, Jquery UI, Phonegap, PHP, Android (Java), C++, SQL
  • Software: MS Office Suite and Open Office Suite, Visual Studio, Eclipse, MS SQL Server
  • Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Linux Based

Front-End Developer (Up and Comer)

  • This candidate is looking to take the next step in their career. Started with current company 2 years ago and is now looking for a Mid. Level position. This is a candidate that can work independently but is not so experienced they become unaffordable.
  • Developed functional and attractive web applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript and JSP
  • Developed highly specialized jQuery/jQueryUI widgets
  • Developed asynchronous front end interfaces using AJAX
  • Worked directly with clients to develop automated systems to replace manual processes

Lead .Net Developer (Lead or Manager) – Permanent or Contract

  • This is a very Sr. Level Developer that recently moved to SE Michigan.
  • Has 18 years of IT experience across various industries.
  • Served as a Development Manager, Project Manager, Application Architect, Web Developer, Application Developer, Lead Developer, Mentor, and Programmer/Analyst.
  • Areas of expertise include Rich Internet Applications, built primarily on the Microsoft technology stack, specifically in .NET and SQL server, using ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, CSS, WCF, and Silverlight/WPF.

How to Promote Work-Life Balance For Your Tech Team

January 16th, 2015

Promoting work-life balance has become a major goal of companies, especially those in the tech world, because of the stress involved with working these types of jobs. Employees want to be able to enjoy their personal lives with family and friends without having to worry about issues at work and other problems. In today’s post, we will discuss the best ways to promote work-life balance for a tech team.

Move Work Processes to the Cloud

One of the first things your company can do to promote a work-life balance for a tech team is to move work processes to the cloud. This includes client services, email, document management, accounting and time tracking. There are plenty of software options out there that utilize cloud programming for these tasks, so be sure to find one that works best for your company. When you move processes to the cloud, employees will be able to access their documents from any device. This allows them to walk away from their desk and enjoy life more.

Stop Incentives That Promote Too Much Work

Your company must also end incentives that promote more work that overwhelms employees. An excellent way to do this is by making sure your departments are properly staffed so employees are not concerned about returning from vacation days to a pile of work. Temporary technical staff from Venteon in Michican can support this goal.

Also consider changing your vacation day policy. If the days rollover year-to-year, or if the company writes checks to employees at the end of each year for unused time, get rid of these benefits. Create a use it or lose it policy so employees are forced to use their vacation time each year. This will help them balance their work life and personal life.

Create Flexible Work Schedules

To really help your tech team balance their work lives and their personal lives, consider creating flexible work schedules. This includes letting them start the workday at home in order to get the kids off to school. Also let them leave for an hour during the middle of the day to go to a doctor appointment. Even let them leave two hours early during the spring and summer months to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Offer Team Events

An excellent way to help your tech team balance work and life is by offering team events every so often. These events include company picnics, outings to sporting games, potluck dinners, go to happy hour together and much more. Promote these events as excellent team-building exercises and ways to bond with co-workers. Encourage employees to attend as many as possible.

Helping your tech team achieve a better work-life balance is important to their overall happiness, health, and success at the office. The stronger work-life balance your tech team has, the better culture your office will have.